2016 .impact Focus Projects team budget

ItemUS dollarsCanadian dollars
Staff 1 (manager)$17,006$22,108
Staff 2 (general project coordinator)$17,006$22,108
Staff 3 (general project coordinator)$13,949$18,134
Staff 4 (head of technology)$12,000$15,600
Virtual assistants$1,200$1,560
EA projects web hosting - Digital Ocean$420$546
Other services (e.g. subscriptions for local groups)$1,769$2,300
Share of Vancouver office costs$1,385$1,800

Past income and spending


When Tom Ash started our focus projects in April 2014 (beginning with the first EA Survey that month, in preparation for the EA Hub and later projects like LEAN seeding which depended on the contacts it established), it was with a conscious plan to self-fund initially, following the model of Charity Science for which he also did a little work for some of this period. We started donor funded spending with a distinct charity bank account in April 2015. Spending ramped up very slowly over the year, hitting full levels by the end of it, alongside our first public fundraising effort in December 2015.

ItemCanadian dollarsUS dollars (approximate)
Reserves at end$14,870$11,265

January-March 2016

ItemCanadian dollarsUS dollars (approximate)
Reserves at end$14,139$10,711

April-June 2016

ItemCanadian dollarsUS dollars (approximate)
Reserves at end$42,150$31,931

Our (relatively accurate) best guess at expected donations coming in in 2016, based on all we know about all such donations, is $20,087 CAD, or $15,217 USD.

More information

To get more up to date figures, please email Tom at tom@eahub.org.