The .impact focus projects team consists of:


Georgie Mallett is Executive Director of .impact, succeeding Tom Ash. She graduated from Cambridge in 2015 and moved to Vancouver to join the team in January 2016, initially as a Project Coordinator focusing on LEAN.

Haryshwaran Ilanghovan is our head of technology. He is a software engineer working across all of .impact's focus projects, but primarily focusing on LEAN and the EA Hub. He works as a programmer in Chennai and has a computer science degree from Anna University.

Founders and core board

Tom Ash founded the focus projects team, working from our Vancouver offices since 2014; he created the EA Hub and LEAN among other resources. Before that, he was one of the first three employees of the Centre for Effective Altruism. He studied Philosophy at Cambridge and Oxford, and since graduating in 2008 has worked for a variety of non-profits.

Peter Hurford was one of the is a Data Scientist at Avant and is on the Board of Directors for Charity Science and Animal Charity Evaluators. He also does direct work on our focus projects, particularly the EA Survey and EA Forum, for which he heads the tech team.

Other key advisers

Ben Clifford is Programme Director at Founders Pledge.

Ozzie Gooen is a developer living in the Bay Area, and the creator of Guesstimate, an app for creating Fermi calculations.

Haseeb Qureshi is a software engineer at Airbnb, living in the Bay Area.

Selected Volunteers

Michał Trzęsimiech, Pascal Zimmer, Sören Mindermann, Evan Gaensbauer and Denis Drescher are members of the EA Newsletter team, together with Georgie and Tom.

Patrick Brinich-Langlois, Alex Richard and William Saunders are software engineers who provide technical help for EA projects. Recently, they’ve been focused on the EA Forum.

Caleb Ontiveros, Brian Tse, Peter McIntyre, Ben Clifford and several others involved in local groups around the world work with LEAN to help other groups.

Eric Bruylant and Giles Edkins work on the EA Wiki.

Joseph Kijewski volunteers across .impact.

Michael Marcondes de Freitas, Christian Graulund, David Allis, Imma Six and Fernando Fran├ža Correia Barbosa are working on expanding tax-deductibility across the world.