.impact is recruiting for full-time or part-time salaried positions. Alternatively, if you’re interested in interning with .impact, there are opportunities to do so over summer, or for a few months (for example, after graduating), either remotely or alongside the team in Vancouver. You can find details of a recent intern’s experiences here.

At .impact, you’ll be part of a small, non-hierarchical team with high levels of autonomy, living and working alongside dedicated EAs. Depending on your interests, you could learn skills such as project and volunteer management or web development.

A few of the projects .impact is currently focusing on are:

Some advantages of both jobs and internships include:

  • A great opportunity to live in an exciting new city with access to natural beauty
  • Most of the logistics of setting yourself up in a new place taken care of, with the apartments already set up
  • Living and working with like minded EAs
  • A fun social scene available, with regular movie nights using our projector, intellectual discussion evenings, parties and hikes in the mountains
  • A chance to explore the Pacific North West
  • The convenience of free food in the office
  • Unparalleled levels of autonomy and responsibility
  • Intellectually stimulating, diverse and rewarding work

For these positions, the following are desired:

  • Able to work in Vancouver for full-time work (visa will be sorted out); part time work can be remote
  • Able to work for at least a few months; longer preferable
  • Strong dedication to EA
  • Motivated by direct EA work
  • High levels of autonomy, able to make autonomous decisions and manage projects
  • Good written and verbal communication skills (i.e. able to deal with large amounts of correspondence with EAs and prioritize tasks)
  • General technical proficiency (being able to learn computer skills; web development would be a plus, though is not necessary)
  • Great organizational skills, dealing with a high variety of tasks and prioritizing well

Potential ways to demonstrate your fit for this position:

  • Successfully organizing a local EA presence
  • Participating in or running EA projects
  • Showing conscientiousness and the ability to get things done
  • Volunteering with .impact first by making a firm commitment to do some fixed minimum number of hours a week.

To apply, please email your CV and details of your availability to office@eahub.org. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.